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Waterproof 3m Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Basic Information

Material:PE Foam
Use:Bag Sealing
Adhesive Side:Double Sided

PE foam tape a black or white,polyethylene foam carrier. It is formulated for more hard to bond surfaces. The unique acrylic adhesive system provides quick stick and conforms to irregular and low surface energy (LSE) materials.

Speed up the mounting process and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing installation with HS-1010 double sided PE foam tape. This model PE foam tape is known for its high ultimate adhesion and reliable performance across many surfaces. One of its noted features is its ability to conform to irregular and low surface energy substrates. It provides high ultimate adhesion to many plastics and is formulated for demanding indoor and general purpose mounting and bonding applications. Common uses include decorative trim, nameplates and other general purpose mounting applications.

HS brand PE foam tape offer speed, strength and improved aesthetics to your mounting application. Instead of mechanical fasteners such as screws, bolts and studs, double coated tapes leave no puncture holes. Our foam tapes can be easily applied by hand or with a dispenser, with no special application equipment required for a firm bond. Each tape gives boasts immediate holding strength, improving upon the power of liquid adhesives.

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