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3M VHB tape equivalent very high bonding pure acrylic adhesive VHB tape

Basic Information

Material:Acrylic Foam
Use:Carton Sealing
Adhesive Side:Double Sided
Adhesive:Acrylic, Acrylic Adhesive

What's VHB tape?VHB tape are made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature.This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics.The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance.

Different thickness and Color of the VHB tape:VHB tape utilize a variety of specific foam,adhesive,thickness,color and release liner types to provide each product with specific features.These features can include adhesion to specific or a broad range of materials,conformability, high tensile strength,high shear and peel adhesion,resistance to plasticizer migration.

All VHB tapes have excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance.

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